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John Santa's expertise on the successful governance and maintenance of family businesses puts him in demand as a speaker and guest lecturer from Boston to Bermuda to Seattle. He has been featured at conferences and symposia addressing topics including:

—New Rules and Best Practices for Privately Held Firms
—Business Governance Options and Their Implications for Success
—Ethical Behavior in the Private Company Environment

He has been a featured speaker at such diverse groups as Brookhaven National Laboratories, Entrepreneurial Institute, National Association of Corporate Directors, and The Family Firm Institute, as well in academic settings including University of Connecticut, St. Louis University and Quinnipiac University.

John has collaborated with the Department of Environmental Protection and the  State of Connecticut legislature on fuel quality standards, and was named Connecticut Oilman of the Year in 1996. Professional affiliations include the National Association of Corporate Directors, the Family Firm Institute, and the University of Connecticut Family Business Program, where he runs a Best Practices Forum.


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