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What people are saying about John Santa

“John’s ability to mentor families and individuals in business to prevent discord, and pull off a major coup in succession, is second to none. He accurately identifies key obstructions to success, and offers clear solutions in a very human way. John balances his awareness of complex relationships inherent in family business with the experience, vision, diplomacy and devotion of a truly great business leader.”

Priscilla M. Cale—Director of the University of Connecticut Family Business Program

“In addition to his knowledge of business and family systems and his experience in both, John brings to his work his great sensitivity to people. He is a business adviser with both intelligence and wisdom. He sees reality clearly and helps get the job done.”

Alan Lovins—Partner, Lovins & Associates, management consultants

“I’ve known John for more than 15 years and watched him handle many difficult issues and changes. His board experience and background make him a valuable resource for many of my clients.”

Jack Veale—Founder, Profitizing the Corporate and Family Organization


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